Botica Francesa Dr. E. Triolet Matanzas

Pharmacy Museum Matanzas Cuba

The Pharmacy Museum La Botica Triolet in Matanzas is a rare find indeed. Located in the city center next to the Libertad Park and a few steps from the Sauto Theater, the pharmacy dates back to 1882 and still maintains its original décor. The woodwork, architecture and all the old 19th century equipment and ceramic bottles are all from the period. The tour is just 3CUC per person and well worth the cost. You’ll learn how medicine was made in the room behind the store with old recipes still on show to visitors. The museum not only has the original store front but also the back rooms where medications were prepared are beautifully preserved with ornate wood carvings and shelves for the medicines. You can almost imagine walking in there 100 years ago with an ailment and being served a concoction created onsite. Probably the most intriguing aspect of the Pharmacy Museum is the large collection of US, European and Cuban medications from the époque, which show just how well connected Matanzas was with the rest of the world even a century ago. To see this and other museums in Matanzas visit Cuba Museums