Bridge of Bacunayagua Matanzas

Puente de Bacunayagua Cuba

Holding the record as Cuba’s highest bridge the Puente de Bacunayagua was inaugurated in September 1959 and sits impressively at 110 meters above the valley below. The bridge marks the spot of the division between the provinces of Mayabeque and Matanzas. Considered by Cubans and visitors alike as one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering, the bridge has its own restaurant with a panoramic observation deck on the Havana side of the bridge, looking towards the Matanzas coastline.


On the coastal cove side of the bridge in Matanzas there’s a very popular campground frequented by thousands during the summer months. As the bridge is part of the only main road to Matanzas and Varadero, every tourist who travels between Havana and either of these two tourist destination have traversed the bridge. On most occasions tourist buses will stop en-route to allow you to experience the impressive view, take photos or visit the snack bar and restaurant.