Hotel Guama Zapata Peninsula Matanzas

Hotel Guama Matanzas

Address: Laguna Del Tesoro, Matanzas

Hotel Guama is located right in the heart of Cienaga de Zapata Peninsula Biosphere Reserve and is an ideal hotel for ecotourism and nature enthusiasts. Hotel Guama Treasure island Lake location means its surrounded by crystalline waters and wildlife. Despite being a 2 star hotel you’ll find and onsite restaurant, lobby bar and large swimming pool to compliment the outdoor swimming possibilities in numerous fresh and seawater locations surrounding the hotel. The Hotel Guama offers row boats, bird-watching or hiking excursions and exclusive tours of the nearby crocodile breeding center. The crocodile farm offers an insight into various endemic species of Crocodiles, their gestation periods, offspring and habitat. Visitors can even witness the birth if baby crocodiles. With 44 rustic cabins made from solid wood and palm leaves, the whole resort ticks every box of a sustainable tourism venue.

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