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Hotel Playa Larga Matanzas

Address: Peninsula de Zapata, Playa Larga, Matanzas Hotel Playa Larga is located in a privileged part of the Zapata Peninsula Biosphere reserve right next to the Bay of Pigs. Blessed with one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of Cuba with pure white sand and lush tropical vegetation, the Hotel Playa Larga […]

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Hotel Batey Don Pedro Matanzas

Address: Carretera Playa Giron, Km 1 1/2, Playa Larga, Matanzas Hotel Don Pedro is surrounded by Cuba’s most incredible nature, lush tropical gardens and beautiful scenery. Hotel Batey Don Pedro Matanzas is located 1 km from the National Highway and 2km the historic site of the Battle of the Bay of Pigs in 1961. Hotel […]

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Hotel Playa Giron Matanzas

Address: Playa Giron, Peninsula de Zapata, Matanzas The Hotel Playa Giron part Cienaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve. Just 68 km from the city of Jaguey Grande in Matanzas, Matanzas City Center and 100 km from the city of Cienfuegos, the Hotel offers easy access to numerous major cities right from its Southern Matanzas base. Surrounded […]

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Super Clubs Breezes Jibacoa Matanzas

Address: Playa Arroyo Bermejo, Santa Cruz del Norte, Matanzas Super Clubs Breezes Jibacoa is located between Havana and Matanzas City and, as such, ideally situated to visit both cities along with a day trips to Varadero which is just 40 KM away. Free from external distractions the resort is a self contained holiday Mecca with […]

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Hotel Guama Zapata Peninsula Matanzas

Address: Laguna Del Tesoro, Matanzas Hotel Guama is located right in the heart of Cienaga de Zapata Peninsula Biosphere Reserve and is an ideal hotel for ecotourism and nature enthusiasts. Hotel Guama Treasure island Lake location means its surrounded by crystalline waters and wildlife. Despite being a 2 star hotel you’ll find and onsite restaurant, […]

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Hotel Velasco Matanzas Cuba

Address: Calle Contreras, Santa Teresa y Ayuntamiento, Matanzas Hotel Velasco in Matanzas is right in the very heart of this historic city, right across from Libertad Park, the nerve center of city life in Matanzas and just 26 km from Varadero beach. But staying in Matanzas is all about getting in rhythm with this dynamic […]

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