Hotel Playa Giron Matanzas

Hotel Playa Giron Matanzas

Address: Playa Giron, Peninsula de Zapata, Matanzas

The Hotel Playa Giron part Cienaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve. Just 68 km from the city of Jaguey Grande in Matanzas, Matanzas City Center and 100 km from the city of Cienfuegos, the Hotel offers easy access to numerous major cities right from its Southern Matanzas base. Surrounded by wildlife, the area has a great variety of species, with over 160 species of birds of both migratory and endemic, among which are the most striking Hummingbirds, Parrots, Partridges and many more. The nature sanctuary called Las Salinas de Brito is very close to the Hotel. Also part of the zoological community at Zapata nature reserve are 16 species of reptiles, among which stands out the Cuban Crocodile. Other important species are the manatee and Manjuarí considered by many specialists to be a living fossil.

Sport fishing is available from Hotel Playa Giron and includes two sites. The first is Las Salinas where fishing is possible in the lagoon that was once a salt refinery. Anglers can catch bonefish throughout most of the year. The second spot is Hatiguanico River which offers tarpon fishing. Diving is also very popular in this region and numerous scuba diving tours can be purchased at the hotel without pre-booking. The three main dive centers available are: Playa Giron, Punta Perdiz and Punta Caleta Buena, all offering over 20 world-class dive sites.

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